As humanity is evolving and growing spiritually, more and more people are seeking and turning back to the ancient way of healing body, mind and spirit. How is this planetary movement affecting humanity? At this point, is important to realize that planetary movements are assisting in the shift of Universal consciousness. The Guides are explaining with an example: imagine a fish tank, if you shift something by adding a substance or changing the temperature, everything in that environment will be affected. The same happens on a larger scale in the ocean and on the Earth.  We all are part of an ecosystem of consciousness, constituted by memory and experience blended together. Therefore, through their movement, planetary bodies act as couriers of ancient consciousness. The planetary archetypes are providing specific lessons to assist our human and karmic experience.  The ultimate purpose of this universal flow is for us to learn and shift closer to the truth of who we are. The Guides explain about astrology and the heavenly bodies’ characters and qualities—this information is ancient and is transmitted to us from the Star ancestors. The story of our star ancestors is a guided writing topic for the future. Nevertheless it is important to know that the ancients where more in touch with this planetary consciousness and were considering the stars to be the origin of the human kind. Worldwide architecture and monuments are an existing evidence of how the ancients perceived and valued stars and planets, and recognized them as the Luminaries.

Now, Jupiter (Zeus, king of the Gods in Greek mythology) is known to be a benevolent planet—the creator, the guardian of abstract mind/the sky, higher consciousness and spirituality. Jupiter is also considered to be the planet of good fortune and optimism. And I am having a big smile here as I am writing this because Jupiter will be stationing in Virgo which is my astrological sign.

Virgo is the maiden, the mother, the absolute feminine energy as represented by the Divine feminine on the Astrology consciousness map. Goddesses like Mother Mary and Green Tara are “born” within the constellation of Virgo.  So Virgo is considered to be the orderly Earth mother healer, who loves being a hostess a facilitator, the one who cooks and feeds, the one who loves herbs, hearth and home. Imagine what comes with the combination of those two, Jupiter and Virgo? Hurray for humanity! To begin with, we have a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energy point here, which is a great opportunity to heal those aspects within in us and in our relationships.

Anyhow, as everything else has its light and dark sides, I am sure this year too, will have its particular challenges for all of us. Some shadow sides to look for in this active archetypical alignment, is that Virgo on her unconscious expression, tends to sometimes lose balance and overdo it with giving or task making. Also it is possible for Virgo to exaggerate her sovereignty in a way saying, I do not need anyone, I am just fine alone.”  Jupiter, on the other hand, on his unconscious side can be the same, all sovereign and a bit bossy. Having that in mind, you can easily imagine the possible clashes and definitely know the signs when you see them in yourself and others during this upcoming period.

Nevertheless, humanity is expected to be shifting towards better solutions regarding choices on natural and ethically sourced food and healthier ways of dealing with illness etc. People will seek healers and shamans and the ancient tribal way of finding one’s self. Indigenous tribal systems always had nature as their base for healing; medicinal plants and animal spirits have been the mediums for healing since the beginning of time.  Our planet is filled with such gifts of healing. A good question to consider at this point is: how can we learn more about these ancient ways and what should we look for in practitioners like Shamans and healers? A great question for our next Guided writing!