Working with Medicinal Plants 

Part I

I remember how i used to be hesitant on “coming out” regarding my work with medicinal plants, due to my own fears and judgments towards the people who use them. But not anymore, since i have learned how to cherish and thank every moment and healing that brought me to this point in my life-Closer to my authentic essence. 
The prior work i did with plant medicines helped reveal the lengths of disillusionment and attachment i was in. Not to say, that because I drink this medicine and i went to the Amazon couple of times, i am the authority on it or enlightened for that matter. But i have to say, there is a real sense of clarity and genuine desire to be who i really i am and share it with the world. 
My prior work with sacred plants had also help to precisely and painfully reflect my childhood wounds and adult stubborn patterns.
Within the reflection that others provided by mirroring the “perfect characters in a story” help me see and heal my own story. (Hopefully that was mutual) 
By healing our own story we remove the hindrances that block our growth, thus resulting in a more fulfilling life. This way we also help humanity as a whole to cleanse and gain more awareness, bit by bit with every healing. 
By raising our vibration we are shedding what is no more needed, but sometimes we are also shedding loved ones too, as certain people in our lives do not match this new vibration anymore. And although that can be painful, it is very courageous and respectful at the same time. Because by giving permission to our selves to be, we release others as well. 
“Sitting” with sacred plants, helped me being able to sit-up-straight throughout an entire night of Ceremony keeping calm and able to be of service for others, even if sometimes the effects of the medicine were so strong that I thought that was the end of the world. It helped me appreciate the tears, the laughter, the celebration, the dark night of the soul and immense Light. It helped me tell true love from lust and how to contain and transform those emotions without unconsciously acting out on them. It helped me see the boundaries that i crossed and sometimes got burned on the way, thus understanding true boundaries. It showed me how to forgive my self. 

I want to thank each and every person who assisted me on this way. Now is time to go deeper. 


The Light in me meets the Light in you.