Falling in and out of Grace

Surprisingly enough, the most difficult days I have experienced in my life were not the days that something terrible was happening but the days that «nothing» was happening; yet I found myself being very challenged. At times when extremely challenging things are happening we usually are able to find the strength to endure, due to the fight or flight reaction. On the other hand, what happens when we are disconnected from our Higher Self or Spirit?
To make things easy, we can say that being disconnected from one’s self is synonymous with being disconnected from Spirit or the Source. When we are in flow, in trust, at ease, we are connected with the Source. When we are uneasy, frustrated, in torment, we are in dis-ease—therefore disconnected from the Source. This is human nature and for as long as we are having physical bodies, we will be in some kind of pain or another. At the same time, pleasure and joy is possible too, due to the fact that we have this physical body!
So what is happiness and what is enlightenment, what is that desirable state that everybody is talking about?
The truth is that we have moments or days that are better than others. When we are in light, in flow and everything is easy, we are in Grace. If you ever have the chance to observe this, you will see that it might only take one comment, one look, a moment that we perceive as a threat, a loss of approval, or disappointment. And that could be all it takes for us to fall out of grace and in to discomfort.
Through our evolution as humans, we found and invented millions of ways to create destruction from our suffering—the intense suffering of simply tolerating our daily challenges at all levels. Books, media, use of substances, relationship dependencies etc. are all ways to «feel better», or keep ourselves busy and away from suffering.
At the same time, some wise people that we call Masters (Beings who have achieved being One with Spirit as their permanent state) had registered their practices for us to follow, in order to find some peace.
All ancient mystical traditions have their Masters and through sacred scriptures or Art, they are transferring to us, what is understood to be experiences of transformation or transcendence. Conditions on where the common human suffering can be transmuted into a state of ease, flow and light. Usually all Masters and Gurus (the ones who dispel the darkness) prescribe certain practices, like chanting, meditation and/or movement (like yoga) as a recipe for our way to see the Light.
Some Gurus go even deeper and say that one has to simply renounce everything and all practices, including all attachments. “Simply sit, they say, with your eyes closed, and Spirit becomes available to you”. But how easy is that for the human mind, which sometimes resembles a little monkey, jumping from tree to tree, as a popular example puts it.
And that is why we need Spiritual practice and Community.
Not to identify with the practices and get lost on the way, but in order to ease the mind and help it flow with Spirit. And to add on this, just take into consideration our human character,individual flaws and unconscious needs. Indeed as Gurus say, it probably takes lifetimes of practice, as so to have more time at ease rather than dis-ease. More time of being in Grace and one with Spirit. To be able to find the Guru within.