Spring Body & Soul cleanse!

The inspiration/intention i am sharing with you today, is to “break through” Spring with a deep and healing cleansing diet. I am preparing for my annual healing retreat in the forests of South America, in few weeks from now. (Yes i am so joyful!!!) This healing work is very important to me and it is usually life changing. So i am asking for your support, friends and Fb enthusiasts.

We are what we eat! And as much as we declare that it takes some effort to take action and create a plan on how to improve our nutrition day by day. Every time i go to a healing retreat, I come back glowing, happy, aware and more present for myself and my fellow humans. I noticed that as soon as i fall back into eating bread “gluten ” and sweets I right away fall back to old patterns, of feeling lethargic, tired, foggy even sad. The more I experience it the more I become determined to shift those habits.

So here it is, i need your SUPPORT! Invite the New and create space in your life by cleansing body and Soul.

I will not ask you to go deep in the forest or eliminate everything and fast but I will ask you to read the following plan and do what resonates with you! Type a YES if you agree and share your goal below.

Here are the steps:

  1. Start becoming conscious of what you are eating, processed foods versus natural foods like fruits and veggies.
  2. If you are eating animal products eliminate to once a week. (All of it, milk, eggs, red meat, chicken, fish) eliminate to once a week. (Eat root vegetables and nourishing soups and substitute dairy with almond or rice milk instead)
  3. If you are already vegan or vegetarian, try to eat less sugar, less bread and less stimulants like coffee etc (prefer tea or chai instead)
  4. Eliminate sugary drinks and processed sweets, eat nuts, dates, fresh or dry fruit and honey instead.
  5. Start a regular schedule of movement, walking, running, swimming, stretching, yoga etc.
  6. Peaceful time with one’s Self-Meditation. Sit still and breathe for at least ten minutes every day.

We are starting today, until the 21st which Spring Equinox. Please type YES if you are in and share your experience. Thank you for the support and enjoy this transformation! 

Love, Sylvia-Anais

Dear friends, 

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~Thank you & best regards~

Sylvia~Anais Mouzourou 


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