Guided Hands On Healing

Guided hands on healing is energy healing work that balances the body, mind, and soul which helps provide insights regarding physical or emotional pain.

Tarot Card & Rune Reading

Gain insight through the ancient symbols of Tarot. To
make an appointment, please email

Initiating & Clearing Spaces

Our space, home, business etc is the place where we grow. Clearing this space with a sacred ritual will help promote a peaceful and harmonious environment. Space visits selectively available.

Moon Circles

Moon Circles & Priestess Training
This is a program for women who are interested in learning the traditional ways of tuning in with nature and sacred ritual. The program includes participation into monthly Women’s Moon Circles, healings, and workshops.

Yoga & Meditation

Sylvia is teaching Yoga and Meditation at

For private sessions, workshops or retreats please connect here

Raindrop Technique

A New Offering from the Guided Healing

In a combination with pure therapeutic essential oils and hands on healing work, we are offering The Raindrop Technique! Raindrop Technique Benefits 

  • Relaxes from Stress
    Improves Mood and Overall Wellbeing
    Reduces back pain
    Helps improve Circulation
    Reduces inflammation
    Flushes out toxins
    Reduces fatigue
    Helps improve sleep
    Helps clear the spinal energy power current
    Improves mental functioning