Interview from: Andrea Botti at Blooming Bodhi.

Can You Please Share A Bit About Your Story And What Led To The Creation Of Anthea Yoga & Healing Arts Center?  

About Three Years Ago I Sat In A Healing Meditation And Very Clearly Asked, Help Me Create A Place From Where I Can Bring My Gifts To The World. After That Meditation, I Found The Space For Anthea Yoga And My Business Partner In Two Days. I Feel So Grateful For That Magical Moment. –

What Sets Your Studio Apart From Others?

I Feel That What Makes Anthea Special Is The True Intention For Holistic Healing That We Bring In Our Practices. Also The Space Is So Beautiful, With Lots Of Natural Light And Amazing Energy, The Community And Practitioners Are Absolutely Great. I Am So Grateful To Be Receiving Emails And Letters, Daily, Expressing How The Practices At The Studio Changed People’s Lives For The Better. –

What Are Your Favorite Forms Of Yoga To Practice?  

The True Purpose Of Yoga Is To Prepare The Body For Meditation. My Training In Hatha, And Energy Yoga Is Based On Using Mindfulness And Breath To Lead To An Inner Place Of Union, Of Where Body And Mind Can Be Still. This Is What I Love And Practice. –

How Do Your Teachers Encourage Students To Maintain Balance In Life?

Our Teacher’s Style Varies And They Are All Great In Their Own Way With Their Special Training, Quotes Or Music And Chanting. But One Thing They All Have In Common Is That They Encourage Students To Listen To Their Body. Yoga Practice At Anthea Is Not About Pushing The Body Because No Pain Is Needed, Just Presence And Mindfulness. –
Any Words Of Wisdom You Can Share With Our Readers?
I Smiled On This One…Just One Thing, Regardless How Simple It Sounds. Sit In Meditation You Can Transform Any Situation Just By Pure Intention, Compassion For Your Self And Practice, Again And Again And Again. Commit To This Practice, Find Your True Longing And Magic Will Happen. –

Are There Any Upcoming Events That We Can Promote?  

YES! The Chakra Dance With Andrea Botti. Join Us On Sunday 9/28 At 6:30 Pm To Dance To Joy. An Amazing, Unique And Transformational Workshop That Happens Once A Month. Healing Can Be Fun! And I Have To Add, Our Women’s Community Moon Circles Are Magical. –

Which Class Is Most Suitable For Yogis Of All Levels, And Why? 

At A Beginner’s Class One Can Get A Good Work-Out As Well As Learning How To Practice The Poses Correctly. Alignment Based Class Is Great Too. I Have To Add That Kundalini Yoga It’s A Must…And Not To Forget Restorative, Hard To Chose Here!