About Sylvia Mouzourou

Sylvia started her apprenticeship with a professional energy healer and psychoanalyst in Cyprus in 1997. When she moved to NYC in 2004, she met her next teacher and started learning about Chakra energy healing. In 2009 she completed her MA in Counseling Psychology and has since worked as a clinical psychotherapist with children and adults. She simultaneously received her initiation as a Moon Priestess, an initiation that allowed her to deepen her understanding on ancient healing ways of the Sacred feminine. During this work and based on personal spiritual practice, Sylvia realized that the best way of therapeutic intervention is the holistic approach where body, mind and soul are addressed as a whole and unified in balance. In 2010 her quest led her to Energy Healing School where she completed two years of studies. Her love for Yoga and Meditation served as an inspiration to co-create an oasis, the Anthea Yoga & Healing Arts Center in Long Island City, New York, which has been blossoming since 2012.  Sylvia left Anthea Yoga in July 2016. The Guided Healing (2016) is the distilled expression of these experiences and a way to offer this Light into the world. Sylvia’s keen intuition and gentle guidance is what makes this work special and effective. Among other things, Sylvia loves dance, photography and vegan cooking.

Sylvia’s own words regarding therapeutic treatments:

-I certainly appreciate Freud and his innovative at the time, understanding on human psyche. I do love Yung’s deep mysticism and profound writings on archetypes. Winnicott and his research on relational patterns are essential and I find Gestalt therapy to be a beautiful and necessary experiential element in psychosomatic treatment. But the picture was never quite complete until the body was included in the equation, when the practice of Yoga entered my life. The picture really started coming together when the Soul was included in an effort to understand the Soul and its sacredness. The picture really started shining when I found out about ancestral healing and plant medicine teachers and other ancient Earth based practices. This beautiful palette of experience is what I am aspiring to share with the world. With the many people who touched my life and I had the sacred opportunity to touch theirs.

Astoria Characters: The Moon Priestess

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About Zuzi Ryznarova

From an early childhood Zuzi felt deeply connected to nature, animals, plants and other elementals. Her interest in studying flower essences started in 2011 when she took her first official class in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Ever since then she has been using the flower essences for  her own emotional well being as well as for two legged friends, furry friends, house plants and last but not least for her clients.

Zuzi customizes these flower essences by choosing from the original 38 Bach Flower remedies in order to support the gentle inner-process of self-connecting with the positive feelings and a true personal energy flow.


About Lindai’s Bodywork LLC

Lindai Schwarz is a Natural Health Consultant, Reiki Master Teacher and Thai Massage Therapist whose goal is to help her clients get over specific health challenges and improve their overall health condition. Massage, aromatherapy, energy healing, treatments with essential oils, setting up a workout regimen and nutrition/dietary counseling are part of her holistic approach. Every client’s specific needs are met with an individualized solution. Her clients not only achieve a better state of health but are also able to maintain this newly gained healthy balance in their daily lives! A fast paced society and demanding work life requires us to decompress and recharge our batteries. Only then are we ready to tackle challenges anytime, any day. She made it her mission to help you accomplish that!


Lindai’s specialties are Traditional Thai Massage, Reiki and Raindrop Technique with Essential Oils. You can experience each individually or try her signature “Body & Soul Massage” using elements of different modalities to best address your needs. She also does nutrition counseling and personal fitness training.

Her strength is to create a health and wellness plan that fits your personal needs best. Lindai also teaches classes on aromatherapy and how to use essential oils for yourself and on others. Please email her to inquire about upcoming essential oil workshops at