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Offering, Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching, Raindrop Technique, Meditation, Yoga and Aromatherapy

As humanity is evolving and growing, more and more people are seeking and turning to the ancient ways of healing body, mind and spirit. The Guided Healing is our contribution to this cosmic shift.

Through several holistic practices we are bringing into the world the guided methods that worked for us and assisted our personal healing for the last twenty years. This includes the experiences and information channeled through spiritual and plant medicine Guides and teachers and of course the proper clinical training. We are filled with gratitude for all the moments, teachers, ancestors and relationships that brought us in this point, to be able to have access to this Light and shine into the world. –The Guided Healing Team.



Sylvia has changed my life for the better! It is through her sessions and teachings that I have experienced the world in a whole new way. Life flows better, there is no need for endless worrying, and I have complete trust in the universe that all will work out. Thank You Sylvia!


– Sylvia helped me see how I was spinning around in my mind without even being conscious of it for years. After five months of working with Sylvia I can honestly say I’m a complete different person I’ve evolved so much. I operate differently, I see things I didn’t see before, I move throughout my days with so much more conscious awareness & I’ve learned to love myself & my journey without judgement. I met my husband during this process, got married & learned how to transcend my parents relationship of conditional love to the true unconditional love that we are. I am so grateful for her beautiful presence & the fact that she had the courage to pursue her light, walk her path & become a healer because the world needs more people like her.

Monica. D. 

– Sylvia will guide you and be there for you in your process of growing into your own light.With a Heart full of love she will help you embrace the parts of you that need to be nurtured and let go of what not longer serves you. She creates an environment where you feel safe and where all parts of you are welcomed. My work with her has change my life. I wish to express my gratitude for her help, patience and love.  Thank you Sylvia.

Victor One